JingJiu: The Best Choice of Quality Lithium Battery
JingJiu: The Best Choice of Quality Lithium Battery

JingJiu: The Best Choice of Quality Lithium Battery

1. There are weeds among seedlings in lithium battery industry

The past year has been a year of ups and downs for all dealers. In addition to battery after-sales issues that have attracted widespread attention and discussion, the safety hazards of electric vehicles that have been on the news many times also trigger the alarm for us.

With the development of the lithium battery industry becoming more and more hot, some small private workshops have also aimed at the huge market space of lithium batteries, wanting to take the opportunity to seek benefits. In a short period of time, various lithium battery brands have flooded the battery market.

Many small lithium battery workshops conduct illegal assembly. They do not have qualified battery production qualifications, financial strength to introduce expensive production equipment, and a professional R&D technical team. They assemble lithium batteries in a space that does not meet the production standards, resulting in the hidden dangers of the "pieced together" lithium batteries are great.

2. Advantages of JingJiu Lithium Battery

JingJiu Group was established in 1993. During these 27 years, the company has been strong and developed globally, and the products independently developed and produced have been sold all over the world; JingJiu's lithium battery is a very mature product that has first-class advanced technology and safe quality and performance, and a special production base in Xinyu is set up. The monthly production capacity is expected to be around 30,000 sets.

One more guarantee, one more peace of mind, to escort your safety, so that every lithium battery you use is a high-quality product; it gives you more confidence in the business process, so as to achieve a win-win situation .

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