Telecom Battery System
Telecom Battery System

Telecom Battery System

Telecommunications is the transmission of long-distance voice and digital information. Reliable telecom backup device is essential to the rapidly growing demand of mobile services. When there is a power failure, the telecommunication system is at risk of malfuction. In the event of a loss of AC power, telecom battery backup systems can ensure that these systems are still running to reduce downtime and costs.

Telecom batteries backup systems for Sale

In today's modern world, with the rise of smart phones and tablet computers, many telecommunications companies are providing more and more services from cable TV to satellite TV and from telephone to Internet. As more and more people turn to telecommunications to stay connected, preventing network interruptions caused by power outages and malfunctions is more important than ever.

Because of the advent of the information age, communication base stations appear to be particularly important to people. Telecom battery is used as a backup power for communication base stations to ensure reliable energy storage power.

At this stage, most of the telecommunications batteries used in the field of communication backup power supply are telecom lithium batteries, and a small part are ternary lithium batteries. Telecom battery for sale has excellent cycle life, high temperature characteristics, outstanding charge-discharge rate performance and energy density, and many telecom battery manufacturers & suppliers have begun to use telecom tower battery in the telecom base station industry.

Application of telecom battery for sale 

Telecom battery mainly has the following applications in the communication industry:

  • Outdoor base station;

  • Base stations without air conditioning such as villages;

  • Indoor macro base stations which is space-constrained;

  • DC-powered indoor covering/distributed source station;

  • Solar photovoltaic base stations in areas without commercial power or with third or fourth type of commercial power;

  • WLAN sites for DC power supply solutions, etc.

The backup power supply based on telecommunications batteries can be widely used in covering indoors and blind areas, second or third type of commercial power areas, short-term backup power and other scenarios that require high power weight, volume, cycle life, and magnification. In the era of big data, scenarios with limited space such as shared stations and central apparatus room expansion are also gradually requiring the participation of telecom battery backup systems. In the future, with the large-scale production of telecom battery backup systems, the costs will continue to drop, and telecom battery backup systems will play an increasingly important role in the field of backup power supplies for communication base stations.

The application technology of telecommunications batteries has matured, and relevant specifications and standards have been formulated, which can greatly reduce the construction funds and maintenance costs of communication equipment.

The important role of telecom battery in the communication field (take 48V lithium battery as an example):

  • Considering environmental protection, lithium batteries have natural advantages. The materials used in lithium batteries do not contain polluting metals, such as cadmium, lead, mercury and other harmful heavy metal substances. And there are no pollutants generated during the production and use of lithium batteries, which protects the health of the human body. In addtion, the waste battery recycling process will not cause water and soil pollution.

  • The cycle life, high temperature characteristics, charge-discharge rate performance and energy density of lithium batteries are all excellent, far superior to lead-acid batteries. For example, the volume and weight of lithium battery with same capacity are one-half to one-third of that of a lead-acid battery, and it can be connected and placed arbitrarily. There are no special requirements for building space, load-bearing, etc., which greatly reduces the cost of venue rental .

  • The excellent high temperature characteristics of the 3.48V lithium battery can reduce the air conditioning configuration and power consumption of the base station.

  • The lithium battery can output more than 90% of the rated capacity within 10 minutes. It is used in UPS or communication base station power supply for short-term backup power, giving full play to its good discharge rate.

Telecom Battery System Battery for Sale
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