Photovoltaic Street Light
Photovoltaic Street Light

Photovoltaic Street Light

With the advance of the times, photovoltaic street lights have adopted solar energy, a kind of new energy. As traffic and road condition lighting lamps for the external power supply of street lights, they are our eyes for travel and nightlife. In the construction of various places, photovoltaic street lights have been widely used.

Photovoltaic street lights vs ordinary street lights

Photovoltaic street lights convert the light energy into electrical energy after the solar energy is illuminated during the day, and then through

solar PV battery storage systems, the solar PV battery provides power to the light source at night to achieve the lighting effect. The ordinary street lights are equipped with light sources, ballasts, triggers, and capacitors, and there is a distribution box to control their daily switching time. 

Why are more and more towns replacing ordinary street lights with photovoltaic street lights? It is because of batteries for photovoltaic systems in the photovoltaic street lights. The battery for photovoltaic systems is an important part of the photovoltaic street lights, that is, it directly converts the light energy absorbed by the photovoltaic street light into electric energy to achieve the lighting effect.

Compared with ordinary street lights, batteries for photovoltaic systems have the following advantages:

  • Convenient to install and cost-saving. During installation, there is no need to set up complicated circuits, just a cement base and a battery pit, which can be directly fixed with galvanized bolts without consuming a lot of manpower, material, and financial resources.

  • Low maintenance cost, one-time investment with long-term benefit. No maintenance cost and no expensive electricity bill because its line is simple. 

  • Energy saving and environmental protection. Photovoltaic street lights use natural light sources so as to reduce electrical energy consumption; they are pollution-free and radiation-free, which conforms to modern green environmental protection concepts.

  • Safety. Ordinary street lights may have potential safety hazards due to various reasons such as construction quality, aging of materials, and abnormal power supply. Photovoltaic street lights do not use alternating current but use a battery to absorb solar energy and convert light energy into low-voltage direct current, which is without a safety hazard.

Solar PV battery storage systems in street light

Photovoltaic streetlights are powered by solar energy without cables, so there will be no leakage or other accidents. The DC controller can ensure that the battery pack will not be damaged due to overcharging or over-discharging, so laying cables or an AC power supply is not needed, and no electricity bills will be generated.

One of the most important systems in photovoltaic streetlights is the solar PV battery storage system. Solar PV battery storage systems can store the electrical energy converted by batteries for photovoltaic systems, and then release the electrical energy at night to meet lighting needs.

The solar PV battery storage systems in photovoltaic streetlights generally use storage batteries for energy storage. Storage battery energy storage has the characteristics of high reliability and a high degree of modularity. The storage battery energy storage in photovoltaic street lights mainly uses the redox reaction of the positive and negative electrodes of the battery to charge and discharge. At present, common batteries include lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, sodium-sulfur, and flow batteries. Those solar PV batteries' costs are also different. 

With rapid economic development, energy shortages are becoming more and more serious. Facing the dual pressure of energy demand and environmental protection, countries around the world have adopted strategies such as increasing energy utilization, improving energy structure, and developing renewable energy. Therefore, photovoltaic street lights, as new energy street lights, have been officially used in production, and it is believed that they will develop better in the future.

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