Golf Cart Power Supply
Golf Cart Power Supply
golf cart power supply 02
golf cart power supply 02

Golf Cart Power Supply

The Golf Cart Series battery is mainly used for the power supply of golf carts, mobility scooters, and other DC power supplies.  The battery is a good power battery, featuring large capacity, high energy ratio, good high current discharge performance, long service life, safety and reliability, and maintainability.

Specification of Golf Cart Power Supply


Characteristics of Golf Cart Power Supply

  • Flexible capacity options: 5.12~7.36KWh.

  • Excellent safety of LiFePO4 battery;

  • Customizable.

  • Battery Type: Lithium iron Phosphate (LFP)

  • BMS Monitoring ParametersBMS: SoC, System voltage, current, cell voltage cell temperature, PCBA temperature measurement.

  • Communication Port: CAN、RS485.

  • Design Life: >10 years.

  • Certification:CE、UN38.3、UL1973(Cell)IEC62619(Cell)

  • Charging operating temperature range:0°C~55°C;

  • Discharge working temperature range:- 20°C~55°C;

Application of Golf Cart Power Supply

Special design for the Golf Cart.

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