9.6V Lithium ion Battery
9.6V Lithium ion Battery
9.6 V Lithium Ion Battery
9.6 V Lithium Ion Battery

Specification of 9.6V Lithium ion Battery

Battery ModelRate Voltage(V)Rate Capacity(AH/10Hr)Dimension(mm)Weight(KG)
KJ 9.6V7.2Ah9.67.215828700.7

Characteristic of 9.6V Lithium ion Battery

  • Long cycle life, high reliability;

  • Small size,light weight,high capacity density,green and environmental protection;

  • Wide temperature range,good performance in high and low temperature;

  • High efficiency, energy saving, stable power supply, high power output;

  • Ultra-low power consumption, long duration of power supply

Application of 9.6V Lithium ion Battery

  • Emergency lights

  • Solar street lights

  • Lawn lights

  • Outdoor lighting

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