12.8V Lithium ion Battery
12.8V Lithium ion Battery

12.8V Lithium ion Battery

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Specification of 12.8V Lithium-ion Battery


Battery ModelRate Voltage(V)Rate Capacity(AH/10Hr)Dimension(mm)Weight(KG)
KJ 12.8V4Ah12.8490701010.65
KJ 12.8V6Ah12.8615165940.9
KJ 12.8V8Ah12.8815165970.95
KJ 12.8V10Ah12.81015199951.55
KJ 12.8V12Ah12.81215199951.55
KJ 12.8V20Ah12.820181761662.55
KJ 12.8V24Ah12.824181771682.55
KJ 12.8V36Ah12.8361971311834.8
KJ 12.8V42Ah12.8421971311835.4
KJ 12.8V54Ah12.8541971661716.5
KJ 12.8V75Ah12.8753061682218.8
KJ 12.8V80Ah12.8802601682099.5
KJ 12.8V100Ah12.810033017222310.1
KJ 12.8V150Ah12.815048317024017.8
KJ 12.8V200Ah12.820052224021820.23
KJ 12.8V300Ah12.830052224021837

Characteristic of 12.8V Lithium-ion Battery

  • Fast charge and discharge:10 times faster than lead acid battery;

  • Long cycle life;

  • Wide temperature range:-20-55*C;

  • Lightweight: one-third of lead acid battery with the same capacity;

  • Low self-discharge rate≤2% per month;

  • High-strength ABS shell.

Application of 12.8V Lithium-ion Battery

  • Energy

  • Solar street lamp

  • Electric cars

  • Motorcycle

  • Car

  • Truck

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