JPC Series (Lead Carbon Battery)
JPC Series (Lead Carbon Battery)
jpc series 12 250lead carbon battery
jpc series 12 250lead carbon battery

JPC Series (Lead Carbon Battery)

Lead-carbon battery is the combination of a lead-carbon dual function negative pole plate which makes of both dual electric layer capacitance carbon material (C) and lead (Pb) to achieve the capacitance & battery feature, then the lead-carbon batteries assembled by lead-carbon negative pole plate and positive pole plate.

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Specification of JPC Series (Lead Carbon Battery)

ModelNominal Voltage(V)Capacity
(Ah)LengthWidthHeightTotal HeightKgLbs
JPC12-3812381.8VPC1977.761656.51706.691706.6912.527.6M 6
JPC12-6512651.8VPC35013.781666.541756.891756.892146.3M 6
JPC12-7012701.8VPC25822.361686.612088.192118.3122.549.7M 6
JPC12-9012901.8VPC30712.091686.612118.312148.4328.562.8M 6
JPC12-100121001.8VPC33012.991716.732168.52198.6230.867.9M 8
JPC12-120121201.8VPC40716.021736.812379.332379.3337.282M 8
JPC12-150121501.8VPC48419.061706.692419.492419.4947103.6M 8
JPC12-200122001.8VPC52220.552409.452198.622228.7461.5135.6M 8
JPC12-250122501.8VPC52020.4726810.552208.662238.7871135.6M 8
JPC2-50025001.8VPC2419.491726.7733012.9936614.4129.565M 8
JPC2-1000210001.8VPC47518.71756.8932812.9136514.3765.1143.5M 8
JPC2-1500215001.8VPC40115.7935113.8234313.537814.8996212M 8
JPC2-2000220001.8VPC49119.3335113.8234313.538315.08128282.2M 8
JPC2-3000230001.8VPC71228.0335313.8234213.4338215.03192423M 8

Characteristic of JPC Series (Lead Carbon Battery)

  • Designed floating service life: 15 years at 25˚C.

  • Cycle usage: 70% DOD above 1900 cycles.

  • Self-discharge rate: ≤ 3% / month.

  • Wide operating temperature range:-35 to 60˚C.

Application of JPC Series (Lead Carbon Battery)

  • New energy storage like wind/solar generating storage

  • New energy vehicles like hybrid electric vehicles and electric bicycles

  • etc.

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