KIJO Battery and Its Functions
KIJO Battery and Its Functions

KIJO Battery and Its Functions

KIJO battery is a device that directly converts chemical energy into electrical energy, which is designed as rechargeable. It can be recharged through a reversible chemical reaction, usually referred to a lead-acid battery. It is a type of battery and belongs to secondary battery. Its working principle: When charging, use external electric energy to regenerate internal active materials, store electric energy as chemical energy, and convert chemical energy into electric energy again when it needs to be discharged. The main functions of the battery are as follows:

1. When starting the engine, it supplies power to the starting system, ignition system, electronic dye injection system and other electric vehicles of the car;

2. When the engine is stopped or at low idling speed, it supplies power to the car's electrical equipment;

3. When the electricity demand exceeds the power supply capacity of the generator, the battery will also participate in the power supply;

4. The battery acts as a voltage stabilizer for the entire vehicle electrical system, which can alleviate the surge voltage in the point system and protect the electronic equipment on the vehicle;

5. When the generator is working normally, the battery stores the excess electric energy generated by the generator for charging.

As a large-scale battery manufacturer, KIJO Battery has superior performance and continues to write new chapters in the industry. It integrates culture into marketing, communicates with users in a stable and pragmatic style, and spreads it in a humane way. Green culture constantly creates classics in the battery industry. As corporate culture is the spirit of the company and the spiritual source for employees to fight for, KIJO upholds the concept of humanized values and instills vigorous spiritual food for the company. Brand management and cultural marketing have always been respected by KIJO. KIJO has created miracles in the storage battery industry and even the Chinese marketing community. Moreover, industry veterans have given high praise to KIJO.

KIJO has a sound battery plate production line, strong economic advantage of scale and high equipment strength to create the company's pivotal position in the industry. It is not only a strong guarantee for product quality, but also a strong support for the company to climb to a higher peak.

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