KIJO Battery Group is coming to China Clean Expo 2022
KIJO Battery Group is coming to China Clean Expo 2022

KIJO Battery Group is coming to China Clean Expo 2022

The CCE exhibition started in 2002 and started with China's cleaning industry. After 22 years of accumulation and development, it has firmly established its position in the domestic cleaning industry and the Asian cleaning industry. As one of the important sub-exhibitions of Hotel & Shop Plus Shanghai International Hotel and Commercial Space Expo, CCE is a very influential event in the international cleaning industry. With its long history, professional buyers with purchasing decision-making power, and leading industry trends Summit forums, splendid events, and demonstrations of innovative equipment are an important display and exchange platform for Chinese cleaning companies to develop internationally and expand overseas markets.

The exhibition will attract property management companies, cleaning companies, public facility management companies, commercial real estate, department stores, shopping mall owners, hotel groups, and other terminal industry buyers from all over the country, aiming to provide domestic hotels, hospitals, schools, office buildings, One-stop environmental sanitation solutions are provided for commercial spaces such as scenic spots and residential areas, municipal sanitation, industrial factories, and public facilities.

This exhibition, in conjunction with the parent exhibition, brings together 600+ leading companies from industries such as cleaning/property/epidemic prevention/air purification. 50+ events will be held on the spot, including a series of summit forums for wisdom and craftsmanship, a cleaning skills competition, and a clean high-tech product release. And a demonstration area for smart cleaning equipment to help the industry to upgrade green, low-carbon, and intelligent.

From August 25th to 27th, CCE 2022 will be held at Nanjing International Expo Center. KIJO Battery Group Sincerely Invite You to Come to China Clean Expo 2022 - Nanjing.  KIJO is one of the leading energy storage battery manufacturers in China since 1993, certificated by CE, UL, IEC, RoHS, ISO, etc... KIJO Energy Storage Battery is mainly used in renewable energy systems, telecom systems, Power stations, commercial ESS, HOME ESS, etc.

KIJO energy storage technology relies on patented long-cycle life battery OPzV, OPzS battery, JLG, and JPC series batteries, which can offer a wide range of solutions from large-scale energy storage system solutions to provide home energy storage system solutions.

KIJO is one of the leading power storage battery manufacturers/suppliers/companies in China and can offer different energy storage battery types, looking forward to meeting you at CCE 2022!


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