KIJO Battery Room Backup Power Solution
KIJO Battery Room Backup Power Solution

KIJO Battery Room Backup Power Solution

High consistency: The general voltage level of the data center power supply system is above 240V. Such a high voltage requires multiple batteries in series to achieve. In addition to the design factors, the performance of the high-rate battery is also related to the consistency control of the manufacturing process. The degree of automation of high-rate battery products is normally higher than that of ordinary products. If every production stage can all realize mechanized and refined production, the accuracy of each part of the product will then be greatly improved, and the consistency of the product can be increased by more than 50%.

High power: At the same rate, KIJO battery can release more capacity, and its short-term power performance is better. With 15 minutes rate, KIJO battery can release more than 50% of the power, which is equivalent to the power released by ordinary batteries in 1 hour rate. During the design of KIJO battery, it is very important to reduce the internal resistance of the battery, reduce the pressure drop of each link, slow down the polarization of the battery, and improve the utilization of active materials. The internal resistance of the battery includes the internal resistance of the grid, the internal resistance of the lead paste, the interface impedance between the grid and the lead paste, the diaphragm resistance, the electrolyte resistance; the battery polarization is related to the factors including the surface area of the electrode plate, the thickness of the separator, the electrode group spacing and so on; lastly, the utilization of active material is related to factors like the thickness of the electrode plate and the concentration of the electrolyte.

Long service life: Ordinary batteries have short service life and usually fail very quickly. KIJO's high-rate discharge battery products are optimized in terms of grid alloys, lead paste formulations, high-performance diaphragms, high-strength shell materials, battery structure, etc., and the designed lifespan of these high-rate batteries is increased to more than 15 years.

High security: Security is the most important issue in the data center. The entire power supply system requires that the battery module should not be overheated when the battery is being charged and discharged with high current, and terminal overheating, collapse and sealant melting should not occur. The internal connections of the battery must pass the verification tests so as to ensure that the current carrying capacity requirements are met. In addition, for swelling, liquid leakage, and other problems that common battery prone to have, products in this scenario should be equipped with targeted solutions to prevent leakage and achieve high safety and stability.

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