KIJO Group - The Automation Battery Production Line
KIJO Group - The Automation Battery Production Line

KIJO Group - The Automation Battery Production Line

Kijo Group was founded in 1993. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, and service of lead-acid batteries for 30 years. It is an industry leader with leading technology and automation scale in the lead-acid battery industry.

Kijo's main products include valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, valve-regulated gel batteries, lead-carbon batteries, high-rate batteries, tubular batteries, energy storage batteries, UPS uninterruptible power supplies, and other products.

Kijo has a complete set of advanced automated battery production lines and complete testing equipment to provide customers with safe, efficient, environmentally friendly, and professional battery product solutions, which have been recognized by users all over the world.

Continuous casting and rolling automatic production line

It effectively improves the uniformity of the electrode plate and the flatness of the grid enables continuous production, improves production efficiency, reduces the use of raw materials, and reduces manufacturing costs.

Vacuum and paste machine

Compared with ordinary paste-combining machines, the paste-combining time is shorter, the temperature controllability of the paste components is enhanced, the lead paste wetness ratio and lead paste uniformity are better, and the product consistency is improved.

Continuous coating line

The anode and cathode materials are coated on the plates through an automatic coating process to improve the flatness of the plates and the uniformity of the lead paste, effectively improving production efficiency and product quality.

The main line of continuous coated plate energy-saving meter

Through the standardized operation of the automated process, the flatness of the electrode plate is greatly improved, the surface contusion of the electrode plate is reduced, the production efficiency is improved, and the consistency and stability of product quality are ensured.

New energy battery automatic assembly line

Significantly reduce manual operations, improve production efficiency, shorten delivery time, reduce errors and waste caused by manual operations, ensure the consistency and stability of product quality, and improve product quality and product competitiveness.

Motive Power battery automatic assembly line

Automated production lines can achieve uninterrupted operation, greatly improve production efficiency, avoid errors and waste caused by manual operations, reduce production costs, and ensure the consistency and stability of product quality.

Automatic acid-adding machine

It can accurately and quickly control the pH value of the sample, effectively reducing chemical reaction time and energy consumption, thereby increasing production capacity and optimizing the production process.

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