KIJO Group - The pioneering supplier of green energy storage equipment in the era of low-carbon
KIJO Group - The pioneering supplier of green energy storage equipment in the era of low-carbon

KIJO Group - The pioneering supplier of green energy storage equipment in the era of low-carbon

In transportation, communication, and electricity, in every aspect of life, the world has entered the era of green and low-carbon. Our influence extends to every aspect of life, reaching every corner of the world.

KIJO - The pioneering supplier of green energy storage equipment in the era of low-carbon. At the forefront of forward-looking energy technology, providing innovative solutions for a sustainable future. KIJO, from China to the rest of the world

The KIJO Group has been focusing on the research, development, and manufacturing of power and energy storage equipment for 30 years. Awarded the title of National High-tech Enterprise, And the well-known trademark in China, Top 10 Enterprises in the Lead Acid Battery Industry, And the famous Export Brand Enterprise in Jiangxi Province, Intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprises in Jiangxi province. 

The group has established six large research and development manufacturing bases in Nanchang, Jiujiang, Xinyu, Shenzhen, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. Its products are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, and other regions. It provides power and energy storage solutions for more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. 

In the field of transportation industry: Clean, reliable, and sustainable power sources, Offer excellent durability for eco-friendly travel and contribute to the advancement of society.

In the field of new energy storage: We offer cutting-edge integrated solutions for energy storage and conversion on a global scale, Our focus is on building top-notch systems for "new green energy storage" to ensure a reliable energy reserve.

In the field of communication and backup power supply: KIJO provides a comprehensive range of energy storage solutions for various scenarios. We aim to offer customers robust green energy security, enhancing the stability and speed of information transmission.

In life: We are constantly striving for a green and low-carbon lifestyle. We can see the presence of KIJO in various aspects, from consumer energy storage to home energy storage. This allows more users to enjoy the convenience brought by green energy storage. Simultaneously, KIJO actively builds a green and recyclable industrial system, making energy recyclable and renewable. Our goal is to reduce resource loss and restore a healthy planet.

We are dedicated to achieving the ultimate goal, of building an enterprise with sustainable development capabilities; we gather high-quality talents from the global energy storage industry, to develop globally leading energy storage equipment, through our efforts, we aim to promote the continuous progress of the green energy storage industry.

We actively explore, and continuously improve the renewable energy industry. Making energy cleaner and more efficient. We are constantly innovating for energy conservation, emission reduction, and green development.

We will implement our services in every aspect, from raw material procurement to production and manufacturing, product transportation to installation and use, we ensure full-process quality monitoring. To provide customers with intimate services and guarantees.

Our mission has always been to "promote customer success, prioritize employee happiness, and make a positive impact on society." We strongly believe in the principles of sustainable development to help achieve the "dual carbon" objective. We are dedicated to creating an environmentally friendly lifestyle for humanity and preserving a sustainable future for our planet. 

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