Lead-carbon Batteries Have Great Potential in Commercial Application
Lead-carbon Batteries Have Great Potential in Commercial Application

Lead-carbon Batteries Have Great Potential in Commercial Application

1. Outstanding charging and discharging performance of lead-carbon batteries

On the basis of retaining the original power density of lead-acid batteries, the charge and discharge performance of lead-carbon batteries has been greatly improved. At the same time, lead-carbon batteries have high safety and reliability, which can make up for the deficiencies of ordinary lead-acid batteries that cannot cope with various complex working conditions. Used under energy storage conditions, the charge-discharge cycle life of lead-carbon batteries can reach several times that of lead-acid batteries. In terms of environmental protection, lead-carbon batteries are environmentally friendly and can achieve 100% battery recycling.

2. The application fields of lead-carbon batteries are gradually expanding

Battery technology is the key to restricting the development of the energy storage industry. With the advantages of strong charge acceptance, safety and reliability, and low manufacturing cost, under the background of the widespread use of renewable energy and the continuous expansion of the energy storage market, lead-carbon batteries will become energy storage batteries after lithium-ion batteries and flow batteries, as another direction of development.

In addition to energy storage, lead-carbon batteries are also used in new energy vehicles. Because it can quickly output and input charge during vehicle acceleration and braking, lead-carbon batteries are particularly suitable for automobile start-stop systems.

3. Prospects for commercial promotion

Compared with other electrochemical energy storage technologies, lead-carbon batteries have obvious advantages in terms of cost and safety. At the same time, because the electrolyte of the lead-carbon battery is an aqueous sulfuric acid solution, as long as the ventilation is maintained, combustion and explosion will not occur, so the safety is good. As the technology continues to mature in the future, lead-carbon batteries will occupy an increasing market share in the field of energy storage.

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