Lithium Batteries Will Function Better in the Future
Lithium Batteries Will Function Better in the Future

Lithium Batteries Will Function Better in the Future

1. There is no mobile smart life without lithium batteries

We have already lived in a "rechargeable world", but it is the lithium battery that truly brings the portability of electronic devices and opens up modern mobile life. It can be said that if there is no lithium battery, there will be no mobile smart life we are now.

Lithium batteries are widely used in various fields from mobile phones to notebook computers because of their light weight, rechargeability, powerful functions and portability. It is used worldwide to power portable electronic devices, and we use these portable electronic devices for communication, work, study and entertainment.

Lithium batteries also promote the development of long-lasting electric vehicles and energy storage from renewable energy sources (such as solar and wind energy), laying the cornerstone for a wireless (mobile), fossil-fuel-free society. It can be said that as an energy storage device, lithium-ion batteries have completely changed human life.

2. The oil crisis directly contributed to the research and development of lithium batteries

In the 1970s, the oil crisis directly contributed to the development of lithium batteries. As a typical non-renewable resource, petroleum resources will face exhaustion in the near future, so experts develop the next generation of energy technology to replace fossil fuels, and lithium batteries are one of the new types of batteries that people have proposed.

3. There is still much room for development of lithium batteries

The energy density of lithium batteries in the existing system has dropped from an annual growth rate of 7% to 2%, and is gradually approaching its theoretical limit. On the contrary, with the progress of society, people's demand for portable and clean life becomes stronger.

The use of electrode materials with less mass to store more electricity is expected to build a lithium-ion battery with higher energy density. The specific capacity of metallic lithium is as high as 3860mAh/g, which is the ultimate material for constructing high specific energy batteries. However, if metal lithium is directly used as the negative electrode material of the battery, the problem of "dendrite" cannot be escaped. In the face of this "enemy" that causes hidden dangers to lithium batteries, scientists from all over the world are making unremitting efforts.

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