The Four Charging Methods to Activate Your Sleeping Electric Vehicle Battery
The Four Charging Methods to Activate Your Sleeping Electric Vehicle Battery

The Four Charging Methods to Activate Your Sleeping Electric Vehicle Battery

How to activate the battery if the electric car is "starved to death" without riding it for half a year? Teach you 4 strokes!


People will be hungry if they don't eat, and the battery will be hungry if they don't charge. Long-term storage will lead to low battery voltage and difficulty in charging. What should we do at this time?

1. Single battery charging method

In this case, every single battery in the whole battery pack can be charged, which makes it easier to activate the battery with a higher probability. Use a 12V charger to charge each battery. Since the battery has been placed for a long time, the charging time is longer than usual.

2. Low voltage charging method

At this time, you can choose a charger with a smaller model for charging, which is feasible in most cases. For example, if the battery pack is 60V-20AH, you can use a 48V-20AH charger to charge it. After charging for at least two hours, the voltage rises significantly, and then replace it with a 60V-20AH charger for charging.


3. Parallel method

The master reminded me that the parallel connection method is divided into single parallel connection and whole group parallel connection, and the principle is the same. The single parallel connection method can use a normally charged and saturated battery, and directly connect it to the depleted battery in the way of the positive pole to the positive pole and the negative pole to the negative pole. And the parallel connection of the whole group is to choose a group of batteries with the same voltage and saturation, connect the two groups of batteries in series, and then connect the total positive and negative electrodes of the two groups of batteries respectively. According to the principle of "battery charging", you can It is charging normally.


4. Special charger method

The battery is charged with a charger with a repair function, no matter how many volts the battery voltage is, this charger can charge it, and the repair rate is very high. If your battery has this kind of charger, you don't have to worry about the battery not being charged.


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