The Six major considerations of electric vehicle battery
The Six major considerations of electric vehicle battery

The Six major considerations of electric vehicle battery


Why does your battery only last for 1 year? 6 major considerations are here!

1. The charging time of the new battery is required

For the newly purchased battery, due to the discharge phenomenon of the battery during storage, when the car owner buys a new battery, it usually has 70%-80% of the power, and when the power is used to about 30%, it can charge the electric vehicle.

Remember that the first three charges can be charged for no less than 10 hours each time, but they must not exceed 12 hours. After three full charges and the chemical reaction inside the battery is fully reacted, the next charge time of the electric car can be It can be arranged for about 6 to 10 hours. It can be slightly extended in winter and relatively shortened in summer.

2. The correct charging sequence has an impact on battery life

Car owners usually don't notice such a detail when charging electric vehicles, should they plug in the battery plug or the power plug first?

Correct charging sequence:

When charging an electric vehicle, first insert the battery plug, and then insert the power plug. After charging, first, unplug the power socket, and then unplug the battery socket.

Although the charging sequence is a very small detail, such a small detail will also affect the service life of the battery. I hope everyone will take the correct charging sequence.

3. Electric vehicles should be charged with suitable chargers

The majority of car owners must pay attention, not replace the charger casually, and try to use the original charger.

On the one hand, the original charger with the same type of battery and the same type of charger can maximize the protection of the battery and exert the best charging and discharging effect; secondly, the owner should not remove the speed limit in the controller, otherwise, the service life of the battery will be reduced.

4. Do not charge the battery immediately after long-distance driving

Many car owners' electric vehicles are their important means of transportation, and they will also ride for a long time. For example, the electric vehicle of the takeaway boy will ride 100 kilometers every day. When the owner has the habit of using electric vehicles for long-distance riding, remember not to charge the electric vehicle immediately after riding. You should wait for the battery to cool down for 10 to 30 minutes before charging, which can effectively delay the battery life. Longer service life, avoiding the discovery of bulges, etc.


5. Electric vehicle batteries are risky if they are not used for a long time

If the owner does not ride the electric vehicle for a long time, the electric vehicle should be charged and discharged normally every half a month. The main reason for this is that the electric vehicle battery will have a self-discharge phenomenon. If you don’t ride an electric vehicle for half a month, it is very likely that the electric vehicle battery will lose power and can no longer be charged. This is very likely because The battery will be scrapped once, so it is strictly forbidden to store the electric vehicle battery for a long time.

6. Do not discharge the electric vehicle battery significantly

During the use of electric vehicle batteries, owners should try their best not to run out of power. On the one hand, they should not drive electric vehicles overweight, and on the other hand, they should not let the electric vehicles run out before recharging. The battery is fully charged.

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