The work mobilization deployment and signing conference of KIJO in 2024 was successfully held
The work mobilization deployment and signing conference of KIJO in 2024 was successfully held

The work mobilization deployment and signing conference of KIJO in 2024 was successfully held


2023 is an important moment for the 30th anniversary of the establishment of KIJO Group. This year, KIJO Group has experienced many challenges and opportunities and has also made many remarkable achievements. To review the work results of the past year, summarize the experiences and lessons, and plan the key tasks of 2024. On December 28, KIJO Group held the 2024 work mobilization deployment and signing conference with the theme of "Join hands in strength ● Realizing the win-win".

2023, is a year of hard work. This year, KIJO Group was looking for the first opportunity to change in adversity, more difficult, and more motivated. In all aspects such as technology research and development, product production, product sales, and service, they have achieved joyful results, which is close to completing the target tasks in 2023.


The meeting reviewed the overall work goals of the group in 2023, and summarized the completion of the operation indicators of each sector and the annual key tasks. At the same time, the key and work goals of 2024 were deployed and also signed a letter of responsibility for business goals in 2024 with the person in charge of each center and department.




Report the 2024 target strategy

The letter of responsibility represents the responsibility and goals, and is an oath contract that employees and enterprises continue to move towards excellence and excellence! At the meeting, the chairman and president of the group signed the 2024 target responsibility letter with the person in charge of each center, clarified the task, and sounded the horn of sprint in 2024.


Signed the responsibility of the 2024 business target


Release of employment certificate

To fully mobilize the work enthusiasm and creativity of all employees, and strengthen the cohesion of all employees, thereby shaping an excellent team with high efficiency, high performance, and high goals. The group president Wu Mingyao read the "2024 Group Employee Incentive Plan" at the meeting, calling on all employees to actively work, strive to work hard, and contribute all their strengths to achieve the group's new goals. He pointed out that the special incentive plan broke the original rules, focused on the development of the current business, encouraged all staff to improve their capabilities, and expanded increasing business; at the same time, we must continue to consolidate the fundamentals and prepare for future development.


Looking back at the past, we are full of pride; looking forward to the future, we have a long way to go. At the end of the conference, Wu Guoshun, chairman of the group, took the stage to make an important speech. In 2023, we have a very fulfilling life and walk very steadily; in 2024, each center and branch must hold up the banner of "Join hands in strength ● Realizing the win-win", closely focus on the president's target strategy, and actively undertake the task. Carefully plan measures, formulate action plans, and decompose implementation.


He pointed out that the current idea has been determined, and the goal has been clear, the key is to implement. The node determines the starting point, and the start decision is global. To start a business, the essence is the most precious! To overcome difficulties, confidence is the most important! As long as everyone works together, bites the goal, and not relax, and dares to win, 2024 will be a bumper year.

The blueprint has been painted, and the horn has been blown. The KIJO people will not forget their original intentions, be brave enough to take responsibility, twist into the same rope, gather into the same force, fight the market, and create good results again.


In 2024, KIJO Group will hold the pulse of the times, take the high-quality development avenue, create a brand with quality, and create greater value for users and society with quality. Join hands in strength, realizing the win-win!


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