Three Things to Know About Charging a Lithium-ion Battery
Three Things to Know About Charging a Lithium-ion Battery

Three Things to Know About Charging a Lithium-ion Battery

KIJO lithium-ion batteries mainly include electric bicycle batteries, lighting batteries, energy storage batteries, and lead-carbon replacement batteries. Many people may ask that can we charge the lithium battery? Now KIJO will introduce three points for charging lithium batteries:

1. To charge after long-time placement

The battery pack has some remaining power before leaving the factory, and it can also be used for short-distance riding after the electric vehicle is sold. After the first ride, the battery must be charged for the first time. It is recommended that the first charge should be a little longer (8-12 hours). The battery pack should be recharged in time after use and not stored at a loss. If the battery has not been used for more than two months, the battery pack needs to be fully charged. If the battery pack is stored for more than 5 months, a charge and discharge cycle is required. Use the battery regularly, and charge the battery pack regularly during normal use and long-term storage to ensure the best practical effect of the battery pack and prolong its service life.

2. Normal charging

The method of charging the battery pack is as follows:

First connect the charger and the battery to be charged, and then connect the charger power plug to the 220V AC power supply. (This connection sequence will avoid the generation of electric sparks when plugging and unplugging the charging plug.) When the power is turned on, the charger displays a red indicator light indicating that the battery pack is charging normally, and it can be charged normally for 6-8 hours.

3. Notes for chargers

In order to ensure the charging safety of the battery pack and ensure the service life of the battery pack, the battery pack uses the supporting lithium battery charger. If the charger is lost or damaged, please buy it from the corresponding dealer. Do not use lead-acid chargers or other forms of chargers for charging.

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