What Are The Advantages of Lithium Batteries in the Energy Storage Technology Industry?
What Are The Advantages of Lithium Batteries in the Energy Storage Technology Industry?

What Are The Advantages of Lithium Batteries in the Energy Storage Technology Industry?

With the development of technology and potential sales markets, lithium battery pack energy storage is developing towards large-scale, high efficiency, long life, and zero pollution.

1. The advantages of lithium battery

(1) With the use of positive electrode materials for lithium iron phosphate batteries ( such as 24 volt lithium iron phosphate battery), the service life of traditional carbon negative lithium-ion with power lithium batteries have been greatly increased, and its safety function has been further improved as well.  Therefore, lithium iron phosphate with positive ion power lithium battery have stronger application prospects in the energy storage technology industry.

(2) Lithium batteries possess a long service life regarding their circulatory system. In the future, the relative density of new energy sources will be relatively low. Thus, comparing to the traditional batteries, whose battery life is poor and price is relatively high, lithium batteries hold higher possibility of being used in the energy storage technology industry.

(3) Lithium battery has good multiple characteristics and is very easy to be manufactured. And it will be more beneficial to the application of energy storage technology industry, as it can greatly assist the improvement of high-temperature resistance and poor cycle systems.

(4) The lithium battery storage system is now accounting for a large proportion of the current rechargeable battery energy storage systems in the world, and lithium batteries will become the prevalence of energy storage systems in the future.

(5) Having the characteristics of zero-pollution, the lithium batteries do not contain toxic substances, such as lead, fluorine, and mercury. Since rechargeable batteries must have good sealing properties, very little vapor will be discharged during the entire application process; thus, it is not easy for lithium batteries to cause environmental pollution.

Another application and significance of the lithium-ion battery energy storage system is the driving force for substitution. At present, lithium batteries are looking for a new development trend: the possible application in indoor space, and various large enterprises are already competing to start a reasonable layout in the energy storage technology sales market. KIJO's lithium-ion battery adopts rack-mounted design. As a 48V base station battery, it can be used with a 240V high voltage DC system. Moreover, it also has the characteristics of quick charge and quick release: it is 10 times faster than the lead-acid batteries, and has a long cycle life.

2. KIJO: the home of advanced lithium ion batteries

Proper governance will lead to success. KIJO Group has become a leader in the industry with our comprehensive moral cultivation. It is of course and inevitable. Since our establishment, we have established great projects with precision and created classics one after another. To manufacture better products, KIJO has set up a technology research center that specializes in new product development and research. The center covers an area of thousands of square meters, has more than 400 professional and technical personnel, and has hundreds (sets) of advanced production equipment, technical equipment and testing equipment in the industry. The annual R&D fund of our research center exceeds 10 million yuan. With the strong talent pool and technical strength, 445 manufacturing processes, and cutting-edge experimental and research equipment, KIJO's R&D and innovation capabilities are very strong. And this is also the fundamental reason why KIJO is able to participate in market competition and continuously innovate products and improve their quality. At the same time, we have also established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with many domestic research institutes. We want to provide strong and reliable technical and intellectual support for enterprises to grow bigger, better, and stronger. KIJO lithium ion battery is definitely your best choice!

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