What Are the Common Problems of Lead Acid Batteries?
What Are the Common Problems of Lead Acid Batteries?

What Are the Common Problems of Lead Acid Batteries?

The lead acid replacement battery pack is a very important part of UPS and DC power system, and its purchase cost is close to or even more than that of main equipment. However, due to the low level of intelligence of the storage battery itself, coupled with improper understanding of concepts such as maintenance-free and long service life, it is not uncommon for the daily maintenance of the storage battery to be insufficiently emphasized and not professional.

This article combines years of work related experience, systematically thinks and summarizes some problems of the storage battery, and puts forward maintenance suggestions. It is hoped to play a role in attracting new ideas, improve the quality of storage battery maintenance, and enhance the safety and reliability of the system.

1. What are maintenance-free lead acid replacement batteries?

Maintenance-free means that do not add water or electrolyte to the storage battery tank. But as a conversion equipment of electrical energy and chemical energy, it needs a good operating environment and proper charging and discharging maintenance.

2. What is the ideal ambient temperature of the storage battery?

The ideal operating temperature range of the storage battery is 21C to 27C. Working in a lower temperature environment will reduce the discharge capacity of storage battery;  when it is working in a higher temperature environment, the risk of thermal runaway of the storage battery increases.

3. What is the ideal humidity of the working environment of storage battery?

The mainstream view in the industry suggests that the ambient humidity should not be greater than 50%.

4. Where should the temperature sensor of storage battery be installed on the storage battery?

According to the internal structure of the storage battery, the most heat-generating part is the center of the side. If you want to install a temperature sensor of storage battery, it is recommended to install the sensor in this position.

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