The 2022 KIJO Group Core Win-Win Business Seminar was grandly held!
The 2022 KIJO Group Core Win-Win Business Seminar was grandly held!

The 2022 KIJO Group Core Win-Win Business Seminar was grandly held!


Jiang Haoqiang, Director of Marketing Center of KIJO Group, Jiang Changquan, Deputy Director and General Manager of New Energy Business Department, He Jinhua, General Manager of Power Business Department and other leaders and 180 core dealer partners from all over the country gathered in Xiamen to participate in the conference, conspiracy the new strategy for the Year of the Tiger, layout the future of the KIJO Group. 

2021 is an unforgettable year. It is not only the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China but also the first year of our country's "14th Five-Year Plan", at the right time, with great and far-reaching significance. The battery will be a trillion-level strategic industry after the chip. With the increase in the proportion of applications in the new energy field and the advent of the Internet of Everything era, the scale of the battery will increase dramatically. Promoting the revitalization of the battery industry is not only a glorious and arduous task but also an overall systematic work. 


At the conference, Jiang Haoqiang, Director of Marketing Center of KIJO Group, delivered an opening speech to the guests present, sharing the extraordinary achievements of KIJO Group in 2021 and looking forward to the strategic layout in 2022.


004.jpgJiang Haoqiang, Director of Marketing Center of KIJO Group

In the face of the generally poor business performance of its peers in the industry, KIJO Battery has withstood the pressure, faced difficulties, and continued to maintain steady development. All of this is inseparable from the trust and support of core dealer partners across the country! Looking to the future, KIJO Battery will always adhere to the business tenet of "becoming the dealer's favorite brand" and "batteries that run farther", continuously improve service quality, launch high-quality, high-market products, and do it in the enterprise. While becoming bigger and stronger, let all dealers continue to surpass and become better in 2022!

2022 is a very crucial year for KIJO Group, and it is also the last year for KIJO Group to celebrate its 30th anniversary. KIJO people will further emancipate their minds, concentrate their efforts, focus on the company's business goals and "must win the battle", carry forward the spirit of nailing nails, have the courage to take responsibility, dare to overcome difficulties, and continue to open up new situations.


Jiang ChangquanDeputy Director and General Manager of New Energy Division

He Jinhua, General Manager of Power Division

 At the meeting, He Jinhua, general manager of the power division, and Jiang Changquan, deputy director and general manager of the new energy division, shared the development plans of the power division and the new energy division, reviewed the extraordinary 2021, and planned for 2022 innovation and change. A comprehensive interpretation of the relevant market strategies, plans, and future development directions; from the analysis of the policy environment and market environment, the future industry competition pattern and market response strategies of KIJO Battery are elaborated to help dealers in marketing and increase future-oriented Comprehensive Competitiveness.

Liu Xinping, Assistant General Manager of Power Division

Zheng Zhouquan, Assistant General Manager of New Energy Division

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the competition in the lead-acid battery industry has become increasingly cruel. If you want to break out of the price war and enter an orderly and benign competitive environment, you must have detailed channel construction and planning. Liu Xinping, assistant to the general manager of the power business department, and Zheng Zhouquan, assistant to the general manager of the new energy business department, shared the channel construction and planning at the meeting, and combined with the changes in market demand, proposed new channel construction and planning for KIJO Power and new energy batteries in 2022. Sort out its strategic deployment of products and channel construction, and explore a path for dealer partners to develop and dealers to have a future. 


Recognition and Award Ceremony

 A hard work, a harvest, a sincere effort, there must be a return. In order to reward the dealers for their achievements in the market this year, as well as their support and trust in KIJO, a commendation and award ceremony was held for the dealers with outstanding performance and outstanding performance. The award-winning dealers are encouraged to continue to break through themselves, cultivate new markets carefully, and open up a new sales situation. At the same time, they also set an advanced learning example for other dealer teams.


010.jpgAward-winning dealers came to the stage to share

At the same time, the award-winning dealers who were invited to give speeches started from their own cases and shared their practical experience from market operation model to team building, from personal development to group assistance, etc., providing guidance for the future development of all the core dealers on site. valuable experience.



E-Commerce Bank MR Zhou

Yesterday's glory is in the past, and tomorrow's glory needs to be created by manufacturers. In order to help the development of dealers and solve the pressure of capital turnover, KIJO Group specially cooperated with E-Commerce Bank to carry out the targeted support policy of "New Year Special Offer for Procurement Loans" to help dealers solve the problem of capital turnover. Through targeted support and precise drip irrigation to dealers, the cost of loans can be reduced and the availability of loans can be improved.



Dealer partner signing

At the end of the meeting, KIJO Group thanked the core dealers for helping dealers to introduce preferential policies related to power and new energy batteries. Relying on real money subsidies and huge discounts, KIJO Group strongly empowered dealers to help everyone. Distributors will be able to skyrocket in future development and take the lead.



Dealer partner pays earnest money on site

This meeting, whether it is marketing diversification or real money subsidy policies, all strengthened the firm confidence of dealer partners in KIJO Group, and in the face of the changing market, it also provided effective methods for everyone. Inject a booster for the follow-up marketing development. It is believed that in the future, KIJO Group and its dealer partners will continue to work together to create great achievements, and unswervingly promote the industry, enterprises, society, and everyone to realize the dream of "running further"! 



Dinner scene

So far, the 2022 KIJO Group Core Win-win Business Seminar has ended successfully, and the thank-you dinner officially kicked off. The creative red envelope rain and the wonderful performances set off waves of laughter and laughter at the scene. Delicious food, beautiful singing, red envelopes surprises, help all dealers "tiger" to fully exert their power and achieve better results! 


015.jpgGroup photo of all participating dealers

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