The Newest Honor -
The Newest Honor -

The Newest Honor -

In February, at the "2022 Nanchang County (Xiaolan Economic Development Zone) three-tier cadre meeting", the KIJO Group was awarded the title of "Advanced Enterprise of Exporting Foreign Exchange" by the CPC Nanchang County Committee, Nanchang County People's Government, the CPC Nanchang Xiaolan Economic Development Zone Working Committee and the Nanchang Xiaolan Economic Development Zone Management Committee for the year 2021. "The title is an important affirmation of the Group's efforts in accelerating the development of the open economy of Nanchang County and promoting openness to the outside world.

With the award at the beginning of the new year, the Group has made a good start to 2022, which means that the government has affirmed the Group's international business strategy and that the Group will continue to shoulder its mission to accelerate the internationalization process.


It is reported that the KIJO Group in the face of the continued impact of the epidemic 2021, resolutely implement the important instructions of the Party and the deployment requirements of the management committee of the Xiaolan Economic Development Zone, co-ordinate to promote the prevention and control of the epidemic and enterprise development, and two consecutive years of record-high foreign exports, to achieve foreign exports exceeded 40 million U.S. dollars! The company's products sell well in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the United States, and other regions, by domestic and foreign users of unanimous praise.


This honor is encouragement, recognition, and guidance, which inspires us to keep our minds on our original goal and forge ahead. Standing in the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, KIJO Group has always focused on the R&D and innovation of batteries, adhered to the development road of "independent innovation and strong technology", and continuously improved the enterprise's technological innovation ability and stimulated the innovation power of talents as a high-quality talent enterprise.   KIJO Group has been actively responding to the government's call to continuously improve its export capacity, playing a pivotal role in the economic construction of Nanchang County and the opening up of Nanchang County to the outside world, effectively driving the development of the local economy! The award of "Advanced Enterprise in Export and Foreign Exchange Generation" is a commendation, recognition, and motivation to continue to move forward. In the future, KIJO Group will continue to make efforts to cultivate its internal strength, improve its technical level, product power, and international competitiveness, and make greater contributions to the opening up of Nanchang County to the outside world and accelerate the construction of strength.  As the leader of China's green energy battery enterprises and the new driving force of China's economic development; the KIJO Group is currently growing and developing at a leapfrog pace, establishing multiple production and marketing bases in Nanchang, Jiujiang, Xinyu, and Bangladesh in China, covering a total area of up to 640,000 square meters, with a group production capacity of over 30 million units and an output value of over 5 billion, ranking top in the industry in terms of comprehensive strength.

The company takes "steady development" as its highest strategy, and over the years, it has been taking "customer achievement, employee happiness, and social return" as its mission; adhering to the enterprise spirit of "hard work, truthfulness, and pragmatism, dedication and devotion", it has been making unremitting efforts to "become a great global green energy enterprise". "The company has been making unremitting efforts to "become a great global green energy enterprise", and is moving towards becoming a major diversified enterprise while sustaining healthy development.

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