Advantages of KIJO Battery Technology
Advantages of KIJO Battery Technology

Advantages of KIJO Battery Technology

KIJO battery was founded in 1993. It is an international battery manufacturer specializing in researching, developing, manufacturing, and sales of a full range of lead-acid batteries. It mainly produces various types of AGM valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, GEL valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, OPzV, OPzS, PzB, PzS, PzV tubular plate lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries for automobiles, lead-acid batteries for motorcycles, lead-acid batteries for golf carts, lead-acid batteries for electric bicycles, and other products. Its products are widely used in more than a dozen related industries such as communications, electric power, radio and television, railways, solar energy, UPS, electric vehicles, automobiles, motorcycles, golf carts, forklifts, emergency lights, etc.

Advantages of KIJO battery technology:

1. Long service life characteristics

KIJO battery adopts grid alloy and the active material formula with high corrosion resistance. At the same time, it adopts advanced production technology and special structure design, unique gas recombination technology, and tight assembly technology to make the battery life longer.

2. Reliable sealing structure

KIJO battery has a unique sealing structure to ensure that the battery will not leak electrolyte or acid during use and will not pollute the environment. The battery can be used lying down or standing upright. Due to the sealing structure of the battery, the generated gas can be recombined into the water, and there is no need for water supply and maintenance during use.

3. High energy density design

KIJO battery adopts special technological structure design and tight assembly technology and has a high gravimetric specific energy with a high volumetric specific energy.

4. High capacity characteristics

KIJO battery plate adopts a unique active material formula to make the battery have a higher capacity, ensuring that the battery reaches and exceeds 100% of the rated capacity within three cycles.

5. Low self-discharge characteristics

KIJO battery uses high-purity raw materials and additives and adopts strict process quality control so that the self-discharge rate of the battery when stored or not in use is less than 3%/month. The main raw material of the KIJO battery, lead, is the 1# electrolytic lead produced by leading companies in the industry. Its purity reaches 99.9%.

6. Safe and reliable explosion-proof exhaust system

KIJO battery adopts a unique explosion-proof exhaust structure, ensuring that the battery is safe and reliable during operation. Even when the battery is in abnormal use, the battery shell will not swell and explode due to excessive pressure.

7. Good conductivity

The electrical conductivity is excellent so that the battery can be discharged at a large current.

8. Rich experience

With 28 years of professional battery research and development and production, KIJO battery has focused on battery equipment manufacturing for 28 years with four major domestic and foreign research and development and production bases and a capacity of more than 30 million units. The products have passed IEC, UL, CE, FCC, C-Tick, PSE, RoHS and other international certifications.

9. Several patented technologies

KIJO battery has many independent research and development patented technologies, and the battery performance is more stable and reliable.

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