KIJO Battery Quality Commitment
KIJO Battery Quality Commitment

KIJO Battery Quality Commitment

KIJO battery adopts unique grid alloy formula and active material formula with high corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, it also adopts advanced production technology, special structural design, unique gas recombination technology, special partition and tight assembly structure, strict production process control, and quality assurance software technology.

The quality assurance commitment of KIJO battery products:

1. Pre-sale technical consultation: KIJO can help our customers with the design of battery products and provide technical consultation free of charge.

2. Delivery date and delivery location: KIJO ensures timely delivery to the location designated by our customers within the specified time.

3. Installation supervision: KIJO is also responsible for equipment installation, commissioning and technical guidance as required by the demanders.

4. Initial inspection, trial operation, and final inspection of the product: To ensure the normal operation of KIJO battery, KIJO, a professional battery supplier, will actively cooperate with the users with regard to the initial inspection, trial operation, and final inspection of the demand-side equipment, and we can also test the performance of the products according to our users' requirements.

5. Product warranty period: During the warranty period, KIJO will freely replace products that have failed due to technical and quality problems that are caused by raw materials, design and manufacturing processes. We can also provide replacement services for major problems that the buyer cannot handle. Aiming to provide better services, KIJO wants to solve various product problems and product repair problems in a timely manner.

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