KIJO Battery: The Industry Leader!
KIJO Battery: The Industry Leader!

KIJO Battery: The Industry Leader!

Car battery is the core component in car circuit. It not only guarantees electricity for ignition and lighting, but also provides electricity for some equipment in the car. Especially at present, the power system of new energy vehicles, the popularity of start-stop functions of fuel vehicles, carplay and voice systems, and even the research and development of AI automatic driving, all these advanced intelligent functions are applied and promoted in automobiles based on the automobile power supply system. Therefore, it can be seen that although the battery is small, its function is not small at all.

The storage battery industry is the field where KIJO battery has been fully focused in the past, present and future, and it is the dream of KIJO to build a reputed century-old brand.

Looking to the future, KIJO will use the grand blueprint as the guide, "hard work, truth-seeking, pragmatic, dedication" as the guarantee, and perseverance as the support, with all-round upgrading of technology, craftsmanship, management and service, using "craftsman spirit + Internet thinking" goes all-out toward the two grand goals of "a brand over century-old, an industry over ten billions".

While the main industry remains unchanged, KIJO expands to related fields of the industry and achieves full coverage of battery products. It has developed a full range of lead-acid batteries such as valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, electric bicycles special power batteries, industrial batteries, mining batteries, electric vehicle special power batteries, energy storage batteries. The batteries have excellent performance and are widely involved in various products. The upstream and downstream industries of the industry have moderately extended, and they have entered the ranks of world-class battery companies. KIJO provides the vast number of consumers with high-quality products, sound networks and perfect services and shares brand-new consumer experience, helping thousands of people live a better life, and leaving a good impression everywhere.

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