KIJO Battery won the title of
KIJO Battery won the title of

KIJO Battery won the title of "The Jiangxi Famous Brand Products in 2023"

Recently, the Jiangxi Brand Construction Promotion Association issued an announcement and announced the selection list of Jiangxi's famous brand products in 2023. KIJO battery stands out of many brand products and has been identified as a "Jiangxi Famous Brand Product".


A brand is an important symbol of high-quality development. "Jiangxi's prestigious products", refers to products in Jiangxi Province's production scale, quality level, market share, user satisfaction, and popularity at the top of the province's top products. The "Jiangxi Famous Brand Products" are based on fairness, justice, professionalism, and authority; and take market evaluation, quality evaluation, benefit evaluation, development evaluation, and social responsibility evaluation as the main evaluation index system. The purpose is to promote the construction of the brand to promote the construction of the brand, and to promote the high-quality social and economic development of Jiangxi Province by brand building.


As the leader of Jiangxi lead acid battery, Kijo Group has been cultivated for 30 years around the lead battery industry and is the foundation of the development of the KIJO brand. Kijo Battery has been sought after by the market for its characteristics of exemption, high safety, convenient installation, strong power maintenance ability, and good starting discharge performance.


The title of the Jiangxi brand-name product is a recognition of Kijo Battery's "most favorite brand of dealers", and it is also a recognition of Kijo's "running farther battery" strength.

In the future, Kijo Group will continue to provide customers with high-quality products, lead the industry's high-quality development, and steadily move towards the main type of diversified enterprises while sustainable and healthy development.

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