KIJO Group appeared in 2023 Kenya at the 8th SOLAR Africa Expo
KIJO Group appeared in 2023 Kenya at the 8th SOLAR Africa Expo

KIJO Group appeared in 2023 Kenya at the 8th SOLAR Africa Expo

Local Time, On May 20, 2023, The 8th SOLAR Africa Expo Kenya successfully closed at the Kenyatta International Convention Center.


This exhibition is a platform for Kenya's important solar energy industry exchange and display platform. It is well-known throughout East Africa and China Africa region, attracting professional representatives, government departments, and other professionals from all over the world to come to the exhibition. KIJO Group also appeared at this grand exhibition with the latest colloid and lead-acid batteries.


As a green energy company, KIJO exhibited various energy storage products at the exhibition, which will fully lay out in the African energy storage market to meet the diverse power needs of most families. At the booth, many exhibitors expressed their strong desire to buy after watching the product, hoping to go to the company to learn more about products for in-depth cooperation.


Energy storage technology is one of the keys to the development of sustainable energy in the future, and it plays a vital role in the development of renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy. As a specialized battery company integrating science, work, and trade, KIJO Group has been committed to providing customers with high-quality energy storage products and solutions to contribute to the popularization and application of renewable energy.


The Kenya Pacific Sunnesses Exhibition is not only the display of technical strength and product quality but also the contribution to the promotion and development of the Chinese energy storage industry. In the future, KIJO Group will continue to contribute to solving global climate issues.

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