KIJO Group graphene technology battery shock coming
KIJO Group graphene technology battery shock coming

KIJO Group graphene technology battery shock coming

 As a "technical model" of the battery industry, KIJO has been radiant since its birth. With 30 years of persistence and development, both brand influence and product competitiveness can be called the top flow of the industry, attracting the high attention of win-win business at home and abroad.

 Adhere to the "market-oriented" research and development concept, after years of technical breakthroughs. Since September 2022, KIJO Research Institute has continuously launched multiple categories and models of graphene technology batteries, which triggered hot sales as soon as it was released. With the market shortage of stock and the arrival of the industry's traditional peak season, the KIJO graphene technology battery is ushered in the peak of production and sales outbreak, new products got off to a good start, and businesses are encouraged.


In 2022, lead material price is stable relatively, many small brands appear one by one, and competition is becoming more and more fierce. What is the reason for the KIJO battery still dominating the market and the rapid growth? From the recent launch of the new products, maybe can find the answer.

 Continue the classic- -graphene technology battery blockbuster in the market

KIJO's "graphene technology battery" continues the classic design gene of KIJO, highlighting the science and technology, experience, larger capacity, stronger power, and running farther than similar products. A strong product advantage, bringing the most direct impact on the channel is higher user recognition. It is understood that KIJO graphene technology battery orders across the country, for the whole channel to create new opportunities for blue ocean wealth.


 Strong empowerment- -a better product experience

 From "higher-end electric car battery" to "run farther battery", KIJO has always been a star brand in the industry in the high-end manufacturing field. At present, KIJO has an industry-leading production process and has the core strength to build good aviation-quality batteries. Over the years, the good stability of KIJO products has been widely recognized by the majority of consumers, representing the leading technical level and product experience in the battery industry, which is also the key reason for the popularity of KIJO "graphene technology battery" on the market.

KIJO can do high-quality frequency, it is no accident. As one of the top three brands in the battery industry, in 2022, KIJO spent a huge amount of money to greatly upgrade and improve its products in the fields of endurance, life, power, load, bulge, leakage, and other fields, and is committed to creating high-end products. More endurance, more stable performance, and durable not drum bag, in the market praise taken for granted.

 Rapid growth- -strong brand strength

 As a well-known brand in the industry, KIJO will develop rapidly at a rocket-like speed in 2022, with its brand competitiveness and influence increasing day by day, and it has become an outstanding representative of "high quality" and "innovation" in the industry. Inheritance weight heavier product concept, KIJO always uphold a rigorous attitude, improve its innovation ability, build the fine quality battery, with high-cost performance to attract more users, meet and solve the user demand for product performance, quality, and other kinds, latest, the best product dedicated to the society, in order to repay the majority of users and win-win business love of the KIJO.

 In the next few years, the competition in the battery industry will only become more and more fierce, and only with the real strength of the enterprise absolutely worth relying on. At present, the KIJO graphene technology battery has achieved a scale, and the emergence of the Matthew effect will also make the advantages of KIJO continue to increase, until the formation of the rolling level market advantage.

Opportunities are not always stayed here, in the new era of more brutal competition, "the remaining man is the king" is the king. Choose the KIJO, is undoubtedly an important and wealthy opportunity for double win business in the new era coming.

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