Kijo Group performs again in the North American market in 2023
Kijo Group performs again in the North American market in 2023

Kijo Group performs again in the North American market in 2023


On September 11-14, the 2023 International Solar Exhibition RE+ (FEATURING SPI & ESI) was grandly opened in California, USA.

Re+(Featuring SPI & ESI) is co-sponsored by the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). It is also one of the most influential international exhibitions in the industry.


The RE+ exhibition has attracted industry professionals, government representatives, investors, and media from around the world, and provides a good platform for exhibitors to show its advanced technology and innovative products.

As the leader of Chinese green energy battery companies, KIJO Group brings a full series of energy storage solutions for North American energy storage solutions, which has attracted the attention of a large number of overseas audiences and industry insiders with a more professional, open, and international image.


At the exhibition site, the KIJO booth exhibited a series of energy storage products that meet the needs of various application scenarios. With its unique technical advantages, it has captured the attention of many participating audiences, attracting a large number of exhibitors to stop at the booth for detailed business negotiation and business cooperation opportunities, and the market response is enthusiastic.

Through this exhibition, the company's leading technology in the field of energy storage was demonstrated to global users. These products not only meet the diverse needs of users but also further strengthen the company's leadership in the field of green energy.


In the full communication and interaction between investors and professional audiences, KIJO PEOPLE fully felt the enthusiasm of the hinterland of the Nevada Desert and the huge desire for high-quality products in the world's second photovoltaic market.


In the future, KIJO Group will continue to expand the North American market, use increasingly perfect products and solutions, and continuously improve quality and services to win more customers' recognition and trust. Together with the acceleration of the double-carbon revolution, global green and low-carbon sustainable development is achieved.

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