KIJIO Group will take you to the Future Energy Show 2023 Philippines
KIJIO Group will take you to the Future Energy Show 2023 Philippines

KIJIO Group will take you to the Future Energy Show 2023 Philippines

On May 16th, the two-day 2023 Philippine Future Solar Photovoltaic Fair ended perfectly at the Philippines-Manila SMX Conference Center.


As a comprehensive new energy battery company that integrates investment, R & D, production, and sales, KIJO Group brings a lot of popular energy storage products and shows exhibitors around the world. Product family, attracting many professionals and visitors to stop consulting.


At the exhibition, KIJO showed a variety of energy storage products to adapt to the energy solutions of different application scenarios, which attracted many customers to negotiate. By consultation and understanding of product performance and operation, jointly explore new opportunities for the development of the new energy industry in the Philippines and affirm the professionalism and technical advantages of KIJO in the energy field.


The Future Energy Exhibition of the Philippines is a large-scale and influential solar industry event in the Philippines. At the exhibition, practitioners from many countries and regions came to provide new business opportunities and value links for the industry. KIJO Group participated in the exhibition this time, indicating that it will increase its efforts to expand the Southeast Asian market.


For a long time, KIJO Group has adhered to the original intention of "survival with quality and development with innovation", and has accumulated a good reputation and extensive customer groups in the global market with excellent product quality and specialized and differentiated high-quality services. With the continuous growth of the global photovoltaic market, the competition in the industry has gradually intensified. Under the premise of ensuring product efficiency, KIJO introduces higher standard product design and provides professional household optical storage solutions for global customers.

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