The 2023 Kijo Group Heroes Sharing Conference was successfully held
The 2023 Kijo Group Heroes Sharing Conference was successfully held

The 2023 Kijo Group Heroes Sharing Conference was successfully held

February 27, "Respect Struggle · To the Future" --The 2023 Kijo Group Heroes Sharing Conference was grandly held at the Sheraton Yuntou Hotel in Xishuangbanna, China. 



At the Dealer signature site

The leadership team of the Kijo Group and win-win businessmen from all over the country gathered together to brainstorm, seek joint development, and jointly set up a grand event.


At Conference site

After a year away, it was the first time to gather together after the covid-19 was released. This meeting carried the historical experience of Kijo Group's 30-year development, and at the same time, it also looked forward to the bright future of the group's new journey.


Wu Mingyao, President of Kijo Group

The conference started with the speech of Wu Mingyao,  the group's president. The president reviewed and summarized the work of the group in the past year, affirmed the work achievements of all employees of Kijo Battery in the past year, and at the same time conducted an in-depth analysis of the future industry structure, and described the hopes and prospects for future development.

He said that although the entire industry encountered many obstacles last year, Kijo Battery faced difficulties and achieved excellent results in operation and management. This achievement cannot be separated from the support and trust of our win-win business partners worldwide. Looking into the future, the group will continue to adhere to the business tenet of "becoming the dealer's favorite brand" and "the battery that runs farther", adhere to market orientation, strengthen product research and development, improve product quality management, and launch high-quality batteries with a high market share, will make the company's products more competitive in the market and help our win-win businessmen achieve maximum profit growth in 2023.

2023 is the 30th anniversary of establishing the Kijo Group, which means a new starting point and a new journey for the group. All Jingjiu people will also maintain their determination to develop, concentrate their efforts, and work hard so that Kijo Group can walk more steadily on a new starting point, and make breakthroughs to complete the set goals and tasks for 2023!


 Jiang Haoqiang, Director of the Marketing Center of Kijo Group

The development of an enterprise requires not only correct decision-making by leaders but also excellent service support. In order to better serve the market, Jiang Haoqiang from the marketing center of the group, shared the overall plan for marketing services in 2023, implementing service content from multiple dimensions such as marketing, operation, after-sales, and financial support, and working together with the majority of win-win business partners to achieve a better future, seek development. He reviewed and analyzed the market development dynamics and trends, combined with the current market demand changes, proposed a new development plan and brand management ideas for Kijo in the new journey, and sort out the brand strategy, product strategy, and channels for the development strategy and other all-round policy deployments

In the post-epidemic period, in order to help dealers relieve economic pressure, Kijo Group, together with MYbank and Baixin Finance, eased the capital flow pressure of co-winners, and further benefited the co-winners of Kijo Group and their downstream terminal stores and other cooperation Partners, let everyone quickly respond to market changes, thereby increasing the market size.

He said that 2023 is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Kijo. We will focus on providing stronger assistance to partners in various fields such as brand, channel, product, and marketing, and solve the problems of the majority of win-win business partners in terms of operation services. Concerns about the development of enterprises, all-around help dealer partners to open up the sales market, and secure a place.


Wang Bo, Assistant General Manager of the electric vehicle Division


Zheng Zhouquan, General Manager of the New Energy Division

Business fields are like battlefields, and only by taking the lead can we win the future. At the meeting site, Wang Bo, assistant general manager of the power business department, and Zheng Zhouquan, general manager of the new energy business department, shared the overall strategy and planning of the power and new energy business department, and gave a speech on the channel promotion plan in 2023, so that all win-win businessmen can understand the next step What to do and how to do it in the current market competition, and provide new development ideas for the partners present. And help win-win companies improve their comprehensive competitiveness through market application solutions with clear goals.


Industry media person Xu Rong

For the brand-new 2023 after the covid-19, how to look forward to the future and find new opportunities for market development has become an important trend worthy of attention. At the meeting, Mr. Xu Rong, an industry media person with extensive information sources, shared his vision of the future development of the industry in the post-covid-19 era, so that win-win businessmen can have a more comprehensive understanding of the future development trends of the industry in the post-covid-19  era, and at the same time guide them in the future direction in business decisions.


It is an important aspect for Kijo Group to win a good reputation by maintaining a close cooperative relationship with the win-win business. Core distributors from all over the country expressed their affirmation of Kijo Group in the salon dialogue, and explained the story of becoming connected with KIJO, shared the incremental experience of various channels and the market situation in 2023 from different angles and directions, and so on. He said that with the support of the company, he will continue to struggle and resolutely complete sales targets in 2023.

Win-Win Businessmen Award Presentation Site

Success does not have to be with me, success must be with me. Looking back on 2022, every step of the development of the Kijo Group is inseparable from the hard work and sincere cooperation of the win-win businessmen. In order to commend everyone for their outstanding performance and outstanding performance in the past year, at the conference site, the group president Wu Mingyao, the group's marketing center director Jiang Haoqiang, and other leading groups issued banners and prizes to many co-winners. Encourage award-winning co-winners to continue to break through themselves, cultivate new markets carefully, and open up new prospects for sales. At the same time, it also sets an advanced learning example for others.

At the same time, representatives of the award-winning win-win businessmen were invited to give speeches on stage. Starting from their own cases, they shared their practical experiences from market operation model to team building, from personal development to group assistance, etc., and provided valuable experience for the future development of all win-win businessmen on site.


At the end of the meeting, Kijo Group introduced preferential policies related to power and new energy batteries to help win-win companies. With the announcement of the preferential policies, dealers were excited and placed orders one after another. With generous subsidies and huge discounts, the Kijo Group strongly empowers win-win businessmen, helping them to skyrocket and show their ambitions in future development!



Liu Xinping, Chief Assistant of the Electric Vehicle Division

Announcement of power battery policy


Zheng Zhouquan, General Manager of the New Energy Division

Announcement of new energy battery policy

With the active payment and ordering of the win-win businessmen, the meeting came to a successful conclusion. The meeting, not only fully demonstrated the company's development strategy and market planning, but also strengthened the communication between manufacturers and improved confidence in cooperation.


When the blueprint is ready, it is time to set sail and break the waves; with heavy responsibilities on our shoulders, we must work harder. The 2023 Kijo Group Heroes Meeting has come to a successful conclusion. In the new year, Kijo Group will continue to join hands with business partners for win-win results, and work together, insist on writing a new chapter in brand development with a pioneering and innovative spirit, and open up a new journey for the company with perseverance!



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