New Start·New Brilliance—KIJO Group is ready for off in 2023
New Start·New Brilliance—KIJO Group is ready for off in 2023

New Start·New Brilliance—KIJO Group is ready for off in 2023

The new year 2023 has begun. On Jan 2023, KIJO completed a successful 2022 annual work summary & commendation and 2023 mobilization conference, the theme of which was "New Start · New Journey·New Brilliance". The purpose of the conference was to review the work of the whole year in 2022, summarize achievements, award commendations and set up work arrangements in the upcoming 2023, leading KIJO staff to a new era along with united understanding, conception, and direction.

In addition to focusing on the work summary of 2022, the meeting also deeply analyzed the prevailing situation and development requirements of the new era, so as to determine the goals, tasks, and priorities for 2023. At the same time, group executives signed the Goals and Objectives Liability Statement of 2023 respectively, promising to promote management, take responsibility, detail work assignments, and keep determination. And to encourage all staff to make new achievements, the conference also commended and gave awards to teams and individuals with outstanding performance in 2022.

Group photo for commendation

Signed Goals and Objectives Liability Statement of 2023

Report goals and work arrangements in 2023

At the meeting, the President of the Group Wu Mingyao made a comprehensive review of the work in 2022 and said that it was a historic and challenging year. Facing the complex economic situation, pandemic, and tough business environment, all KIJO members stayed together with joint efforts, showed them our courage and wisdom, and made a great achievement under the leadership and deployment of board directors and the whole management team,  During this period, various tasks have achieved phased results. 


He also pointed out that in 2023, KIJO will still adhere to the policy on sales and production orientation, focus on the goal set, and strive to achieve sustainable and steady development. Let us be full of confidence and enthusiasm, together to create greater achievement and brilliance!

God always blesses those who are hard-working and award them with the best in return. At the end of the meeting, Wu Guoshun, Chairman of KIJO Group, delivered an important speech. He said that 2022 was a year for the KIJO to maintain a good momentum of development, a year for market expansion, booming production and sales, and impressive achievements in team building, and a year for all employees to meet challenges, overcome difficulties and accomplish tasks well. Despite the repeated impact of the pandemic, the market competition was extremely fierce, and the business performance of peers in the industry was generally poor. However, KIJO could still withstand the pressure, continue to maintain steady development, continuously realize innovative management in the cruel environment, achieve outstanding results in cost reduction and efficiency improvement, operation and management, and achieve the goal set at the beginning of the year. 

In 2023, we need to continue to be market-oriented, strengthen product research and development, improve product quality management, reasonably control product costs, and make the company's products more competitive in the market. In the upcoming 30th anniversary of the establishment, we should carefully review the road we have traveled, not forget the way we came from, and continue to walk well.


Let’s make clear our thinking, set goals, and take strong measures. The board directors, management team, and workers will work together to overcome difficulties, work hard and do their best to complete all the tasks of the company in 2023, and make unremitting efforts for the high-quality development of KIJO Group!

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