SNEC PV POWER EXPO - KIJO Group will be back again
SNEC PV POWER EXPO - KIJO Group will be back again

SNEC PV POWER EXPO - KIJO Group will be back again


On May 26, 2023, the 16th (2023) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition Conference ended successfully. As the vane of the photovoltaic industry and the most influential global exhibition, SNEC brings together global top photovoltaic companies and shows the latest technological achievements.


The KIJO Group was invited to participate in the exhibition to show the company's many series of popular energy storage products, which aroused strong interest and widespread attention of exhibitors, and stopped in consultation on the booth. Become the focus of attention at this exhibition.

During the exhibition which lasted 3 days (May 24th to 26th), the booth of the KIJO Group attracted countless exhibitors to stop, and the staff also communicated with the exhibitors with full enthusiasm and patience. After the professional audience and exhibitors at the venue have a certain understanding of the products, they have expressed great interest in the products exhibited by KIJO, hoping to conduct in-depth cooperation through this exhibition.


While reaching a cooperation agreement or intention with many customers, KIJO also learned about the latest market in the photovoltaic industry through this exhibition with friendly exchanges, pioneering the field of vision, and will also bring new opportunities for future development.


In the future, KIJO will be dominated by high-quality products, advanced technologies, and portable services. It will work hard to provide clean energy all over the world. On the way to helping "zero carbon China", it will never be absent!


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