The 2024 KIJO Group Cooperator Summit & Excellent Partner Commendation Conference was successfully held
The 2024 KIJO Group Cooperator Summit & Excellent Partner Commendation Conference was successfully held

The 2024 KIJO Group Cooperator Summit & Excellent Partner Commendation Conference was successfully held

On February 26th, the KIJO Group Cooperator Summit & Excellent Partner Commendation Conference with the theme of "Respecting the original intention and looking forward to the future" was successfully held in Anhui Province!


Mr. Wu Guoshun (the chairman of the group), Mr. Wu Mingyao (the president of the group), Mr. Jiang Haoqiang(the director of the group marketing center), and more than 300 people from the industry media attended the conference to discuss the new start and work together to start a new journey.

Respecting the original intention and looking forward to the future. What is the original intention of entrepreneurship? It's nothing more than "making more money and living a better life"! On the first day of the conference, KIJO Group invited Mr. Song Qidong (experts from the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission's intellectual tank, a guest professor at Fudan University/Shanghai Jiaotong University, and the deputy dean of Shanghai Fuxing Economic and Financial College) to provide energy training for partners to help dealers Continue to bigger and stronger.


Mr. Song Yidong deeply interpreted a series of sustainable development policies such as macro trends, capital markets, new patterns of corporate development, and business future to help partners understand industry development policies, national economic trends, and market changes promptly.

Stepping on the new difficult journey in 2024, the more we need leaders to take the helm and point out the direction. At the meeting, Mr. Jiang Haoqiang delivered a keynote speech on "2023 Market Review and Development Plan for 2024". He comprehensively reviewed the proud record achieved in the adversity in the adversity in 2023 and clarified the marketing plan for 2024. It not only put forward a pragmatic and effective strategy for the partners but also brought new ones to the performance improvement of the partners.


He pointed out that with the end of the policy bonus in the post-epidemic era, the market has from the era of incremental to the era of stock. If you do not want to be eliminated, you must establish your own management ability and internal power system. Partners should seize the opportunity to practice internal skills. He said that the original intention of KIJO Group was to join hands with dealers to jointly provide consumers with high-quality products and services. It is precisely because of your support and trust that we can go today.


At the meeting, the Group's Quality Deputy Director, the Group's after-sales minister, and the technical director of the group did training and sharing for product performance, product quality, and after-sales policy, which not only strengthened the communication between the dealers and the company but also helped cooperate better Partners understand the company's product performance, quality, and after-sales policy. KIJO Battery has become an important guarantee for dealers to successfully start a business and realize the glorious development of the cause!

The example is the light of moving forward, illuminating the way forward. At the meeting, the group held an awards ceremony for partners with outstanding annual performance and excellent grades. Behind each honor, the hard work of the partners and the team's collaboration spirit hoped to inspire them to make persistent efforts and achieve great achievements!



Toast, celebrate this moment! To thank all the friends of all the dealers and friends, on the night of the conference, KIJO Group carefully prepared a thank-you dinner for the partners. The dinner kicked off with the speech of Mr. Wu Guoshun (chairman of the group). Constantly pushing the atmosphere to the climax, bringing a wonderful and dizzying audiovisual feast to the partners present.


Don't forget your original intention, and move forward to the future, KIJO Group will always adhere to the business tenet of "becoming the most favorite brand of dealers", and continue to hand in hand with partners to achieve a win-win situation for manufacturers, and "run further" together!


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