The elite extension training activity of the KIJO Group in 2023
The elite extension training activity of the KIJO Group in 2023

The elite extension training activity of the KIJO Group in 2023

In order to further enhance the morale and combat effectiveness of the team, and at the same time let employees relax and relieve work pressure. on July 5th, KIJO Group specially organized a group construction activity and carried out a theme of "bright swords and fighting spirit". KIJO Group Elite Expansion Training Camp Construction Activities aims to actively practice corporate culture, refine the will of the team, comprehensively improve team collaboration ability and centripetal force, and welcome the 30th birthday of the KIJO with an excellent spirit!


In order to strengthen the consciousness and execution of everyone during the activity, after arriving at the expansion training base, the coach organized everyone to conduct collective military training and grouping activities.


The group building activities officially kicked off in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Each activity requires team members to work together, with unified standards and rhythms, good awareness of collaboration, and strong execution power to succeed.




In the game, the KIJO people are "fighting with wisdom, fast response, and fast action" in the game, behind it is the power and life of a team. Concentrated is responsibility and responsibility, and the fighting spirit and passion are gathered.


After the event, the representatives of each team made a speech. Everyone said that today's activities are significant, letting employees relax their bodies and minds and increasing their understanding of each other. The power of solidarity and team cooperation makes us deeply realize that in work, we need good communication and cooperation, unity, and obeying the command.



There are no perfect individuals, but imperfect individuals can form an ideal team. Everyone must reflect and summarize the work combined with the work, apply the experience of the activity to the work, and work together to achieve the work goals of the KIJO Group.



The KIJO family has had a cohesive team for a long time. Each footprint proves our growth and realizes the wish of walking mountains and rivers. The new journey has been opened, and the horn of competition has sounded. KIJO Group will achieve more great achievements In the new year.


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