Why is the electric vehicle battery charged badly?
Why is the electric vehicle battery charged badly?

Why is the electric vehicle battery charged badly?

What is the reason why the electric vehicle battery is poorly charged? The correct way to tell you!


 Reason one - Charging an electric car with an unsuitable charger

It can be said that it is the number one killer that causes the battery to be charged badly. Current electric vehicles are equipped with different types of batteries, which requires the owner to use a charger that matches the battery type to charge, and the charger must not be used in confusion.

For example, a 72V20AH battery needs to use a 72V20AH charger. If a 60V20AH charger is used, the battery will not be fully charged, or if a larger charger is used, the battery will be overcharged. It will cause the battery to be charged badly.

The correct way

Electric vehicle chargers should not be mixed, they must match the battery model to achieve the best charging effect.

Reason two - Electric cars charge as soon as they stop

Charging electric vehicles as soon as they stop is a common habit of many car owners in daily riding. Still, this habit is also a major reason why the battery is easily damaged. It is not recommended to charge the electric vehicle as soon as it stops. The reason is that after the electric vehicle has been riding for a long time, the battery is in a state of constant heat. Charging the battery after stopping will increase the heat inside the battery and cause moisture to further increase. Evaporation, in the past, will easily lead to the battery being fully charged, and the fully charged battery will experience a significant decline in performance in terms of battery life and service life.

The correct way

It is recommended to park the electric car for half an hour before charging the electric car to ensure the service life of the battery.

Reason three - Frequent use of fast charging stations

It is believed that many car owners can see fast charging stations at maintenance stations on the street. The establishment of this type of fast charging station is mainly to alleviate the embarrassing situation of car owners running out of power halfway and to relieve urgent needs. Car owners must not use this type of fast charging station for a long time. The reason is that the charging method of this type of fast charging station is a large pulse current. Long-term use will cause irreversible damage to the battery, and the battery will bulge and lose water. In other cases, it will be scrapped directly.

The correct way

Develop the habit of charging electric vehicles in time. When the remaining battery power is about 30%, you can charge the electric vehicle to avoid running out of control halfway. In addition, it is recommended that car owners occasionally use street fast charging stations and do not use them for a long time to better protect the battery.

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