Reject mileage anxiety - easy battery life of 148KM on a single charge
Reject mileage anxiety - easy battery life of 148KM on a single charge

Reject mileage anxiety - easy battery life of 148KM on a single charge

Recently, KIJO cooperated with local Huaihai agents in Shangcai area of Henan Province to launch the "Energy Riding Track · Ten Thousand Miles Challenge". KIJO Battery made a strong attack and once again demonstrated its "hardcore strength" to the industry! This challenge not only allowed everyone to see the amazing battery life of the KIJO battery but also perfectly explained what a "battery that runs farther" is!


Basic Information:

Riding location: Shangcai County, Henan;

Participating vehicles: 6;

Vehicle information: Huaihai Leisure Tricycle, Huaihai Leisure Tricycle, Huaihai Tianlei 130/150, Huaihai Mai Rui 110A;

Battery model: Lantian No. 1 60v36.3A & KIJO vehicle packaging battery 60V45.3A (DZF Series Power Battery);

Motor specifications: 350W, 650W;

Route information: The starting point is from Caozhuang Huaihai Warehouse, passing through Xihong Township, Phoenix Park, Caiming Garden, Shilipu, Shaodian Township, Wulong Township, Furong Township, Shangcai Wetland Park, artificial lake, and then back to the starting point, the whole journey is 148 kilometer;


During the event, regardless of whether it is facing a flat road or a steep road, the KIJO battery has an excellent performance in power and endurance, and always maintains a strong and stable power output, escorting the participating vehicles to their destinations, and also giving consumers the opportunity to ride in their daily lives. Bring confidence.


In the end, after 8 hours of driving time, the mileage of the Huaihai leisure tricycle equipped with KIJO Lantian No. 1 battery reached 148KM, and the remaining battery capacity was 35%! The cruising range of the rest of the vehicles is over 100KM, and the average cruising range of the six vehicles is about 129KM.


This "Energy Riding Track · Miles Challenge" has tested the super product power of the KIJO Battery and demonstrated a high degree of brand confidence through multi-level and all-round assessments such as many rugged road conditions and ultra-long riding mileage. The challenge not only received strong support from regional distributors but also triggered a strong local word-of-mouth effect!

Next, the challenge will be held all over the country one after another. I believe that KIJO and its distributors will continue to break through themselves and create new records one after another!

400.jpgIn 2022, KIJO Battery Group will not only provide a matrix of high-quality products of all categories, but will also continue to use a full range of online + offline services to empower channels, provide a variety of support to terminal dealers, serve the terminal, and benefit the terminal, let the brand and dealers walk together, and make unremitting efforts to become the most favorite battery brand for dealers.

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