The story of KIJO new energy battery - hot sale in the Shandong Qingzhou market
The story of KIJO new energy battery - hot sale in the Shandong Qingzhou market

The story of KIJO new energy battery - hot sale in the Shandong Qingzhou market

They are the partners of Kijo New Energy battery and staunch supporters of Kijo New Energy's development. They develop along with the development of the Kijo Group. They have firm beliefs and shoulder the powerful dissemination of the Kijo new energy brand in their region. In June, the Shandong "special team" of the Marketing Department of Kijo Group entered Qingzhou.


When I first met Wang Xingchang, the general agent of Kjio Shandong Qingzhou, the general manager of Xincheng Motorcycle Parts Firm, an informal image of a Shandong man came into view. He has a very deep understanding and unique operation in this industry. Since Mr. Wang entered the motorcycle accessories industry in 2009, under the background of intensified competition in the accessories industry, he has seized the bonus period of electric vehicle batteries and tires in time and won the first fortune in his life.


In 2019, I chose Kijo New Energy as a business partner, and the sales volume increased exponentially every year. During the period of insisting on being Kijo New Energy, Mr. Wang also took a lot of detours, but every time he encountered a problem, he could actively face it and solve it in time. question. In the business field, he has always adhered to the principle of "treating people with sincerity and exchanging hearts with heart". He has made many friends and expanded contacts with integrity, which has played a significant role in opening up the market. Because of his belief in his character, his good reputation, and the "Lao Ding Said Battery" online lecture, the business has become bigger and bigger.


Mr. Wang actively cooperated with Kijo New Energy's "Hundred Cities Linked to Send Warmth, True love and inspiring students " huge benefit activity. During the customer activity in the jurisdiction, Tsingtao beer, electric fans, peanut oil, Shida accessories, and Haier electrical appliances were sent to distributors, bringing real benefits and exciting surprise gifts to distributors, helping the climax of terminal hot sales to continue to reach new highs, and successfully igniting consumption. Enthusiasm to achieve rapid sales growth, the 5-day event sold a total of nearly 2,000 Kijo new energy products.

The good product quality and fiery sales have made distributors praise Kijo one after another and applaud Xincheng Motorcycle. better!"


Through the superposition effect of the product quality of "running farther" and the massive activities, Kijo New Energy has properly "popped out of the circle" in the Qingzhou market, and has built an unattainable brand influence when the peak season is approaching. And appeal, set off a hot sales storm. Exploding in June, Kijo New Energy has been a favorite of fans, showing the greatness of the leading brand, and also activating the market for the majority of dealers, stimulating sales, and setting off a huge wave of hot sales!

For the future development of the company, Mr. Wang also has a clear strategy and rhythmic tactics. Mr. Wang plans to establish a dedicated Kijo battery marketing team in the future to keep up with the pace of the group. In the future, he will focus on developing the market with all his strength, and strive to make Kijo New Energy locally "do a good job, become bigger and stronger" 


In the end, Mr. Wang expressed his gratitude to Kijo Group and thanked the group for its trust and support of him. In the future, he will not forget his original intention, forge ahead, and hand over a more dazzling sales record.

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